The mission of the Southwest Megaregion Alliance is to develop and advocate approaches and strategies that motivate government at all levels to implement environmentally and fiscally sustainable infrastructure projects.

The Alliance envisions a future in which governments provide and maintain the infrastructure necessary for economic, social, and environmental well-being.


The funding required for repairing and replacing infrastructure, redeveloping our communities, and for maintaining and restoring our environment vastly outstrip our traditional public financing capacity. There is a large need at all levels of government to successfully deploy viable, innovative financial tools which can bridge the gap.

There is an urgent need to implement these innovative financial tools. In 2017, the Board of Directors approved three goals:

  1. Showcase the value of alliances and brokered strategies in creating opportunities for all organizations interested in transforming our infrastructure.
  2. Promote the implementation of projects that utilize innovative financial tools for infrastructure, for example California’s Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts.
  3. Research, educate and mobilize leaders about the new paradigm of individual empowerment that pays for wealth creation and beneficial uses in our globalized economy that is decentralized, diversified, and distributive (3-D).