The Southwest Megaregion Alliance, an affiliate of America 2050, encompasses all of southern California, southern Nevada and Arizona. The Alliance will bring new ideas and a broader energy to the table for public/private sector leaders who can develop a vision to respond to the increasing challenges surrounding infrastructure investment. We will create a framework that helps transform infrastructure systems from the current 3C system (centralized, concentrated and capital intensive) to more 3D systems (distributed, decentralized and diverse) by using alliances that appeal to the users of the system. Areas of interest include water, energy, goods movement and transportation.


The purpose of the Alliance is to partner with private, public and nonprofit entities in the Southwest Megaregion to re-imagine environmental and fiscally sustainable infrastructure strategies.


The Alliance will use a revenue-based approach that creates business opportunities and a new business model, maximize the use of assets, show a shift in scale, integrate investments across infrastructure sectors, and maximize opportunities for individuals to participate in infrastructure development to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Provide an educational and facilitative role regarding megaregions showcasing the value of alliances and brokered strategies in creating opportunities for all organizations in the megaregion.
  2.  Develop choices that are responsive to consumer needs and preferences, not to special interests.
  3. Develop an understanding and increased awareness of fiscal challenges that public and private organizations are confronted with.
  4. Facilitate the development of strategies that go beyond what organizations are doing today that create new solutions and financial resources. Develop financing strategies that will allow the wealth generated by infrastructure to fund infrastructure development.
  5. Encourage and support the development of partnerships between public, private and nonprofit organizations and consumers .